Jonathan Garcia

Strategic Advisor

Mr. Garcia contributes to clients in a variety of valuable ways. He developed a comprehensive methodology to guide companies through innovation practices, diversification processes and the latest social media marketing tools.

While leading a team at Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc., and managing programs with Ford Motor Company and General Motors, he developed a unique insight to branding, marketing and advertising strategies. He is also a certified growth coach from the U.S. Department of Commerce and his experience includes strategic planning, sales, marketing, management consulting, product design, manufacturing, software and hardware development.

Jonathan carries an open mind to a client’s situation that he leverages through a thorough discovery process when starting projects. He is successful in formulating plans to increase revenue, improve a company’s image and ultimately increase its valuation through strong strategic planning and execution, which makes him a valuable partner for business transformation.

Peter Nguyen

Art Director

Mr. Nguyen brings the creative aspect to the M&J entourage. From corporate and respectable to bold and dynamic, Peter Nguyen is capable of any visual aesthetic that a client would need. A career spanning comic books and advertising, Mr. Nguyen's is well accustomed to variable client demands and tight deadlines.

Drawing from an illustration background, exciting layouts, out-of-the-box thinking, and eye-catching visuals aren't just buzzwords for Mr. Nguyen, it's a design philosophy that gets great first and lasting impressions. He embraces this current digital era in the world of business and feels that a strong media presence in not only print, but television and the internet is vital for getting noticed in the modern world.

His expertise in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe After Effects, allow Mr. Nguyen to tackle almost any aspect of media, from print to digital motion graphics. Previous clients have included Ford Motor Company, Magden Technologies, Marvel Comics, Digital Webbing, Boom! Studios, Top Cow Productions, and many more in the public and private sectors.

Graeme Pollard

Web Developer

Graeme Pollard is a passionate programmer with experience in web development, real-time graphics programming and general programming. He has created websites with significant user bases, with tightly optimised back ends to push through many hits per second. He is keen on making using up to date technology like css3 transitions and ajax to make websites responsive and easy to use. With extensive experience using php, html, css and javascript, Graeme is well equipped to tackle any web development you may need done.