Cusco USA Inc. needed a new website, which would allow their customers a fun and easy way to find all Cusco products available for their specific vehicle. With custom programming and a stylish new design, Cusco USA looks better than ever.

Magden Automotive

Magden Automotive needed product packaging.  Rather than just create a simple box cover, we took the opportunity to leverage it as a Point-of-Purchase display as well.


Zentec needed a line card and a logo redesign. Taking their fundamental design, M&J was able to update their logo towards a more contemporary look, and bring attention to all their new modern capabilities.


EGR decided to target specific product lines for a boost in consumer awareness.  The research was performed and concluded that awareness of the company brand as well as the products would be the best combination to increase 'top-of-mind' awareness amongst consumers.

Grisworld Controls

Griswold Controls desired business growth following our recent recession.  We engaged them with our process and concluded that a diversification project was the right choice to find new markets for their existing products.


Chromatic needed a plan to attract new customers.  With new in-house capabilities, the plan was to organize their sales people with specific strategies for each market segment, aiming to fulfill their goals for the year.  After six months, sales increased off their new digital printer and from their traditional sheet-fed press


We created their new product brochure for entry into the U.S. market.  We balanced the technical information necessary with a stunning layout communicating the product features and benefits.  The brochure also communicated a strong brand by being printed on quality paper keeping their Japanese Domestic Market branding intact.


Foam Molders, Inc. came to us to evolve their logo.  The designed needed to stay related to their sister companies, but reflect a more modern aesthetic.  They also commissioned us to create their new company brochure and create their trade show booth graphics.

M&J is proud of its history and its relationship with its clients in a variety of industries. Above are just a few of the many success stories we are proud to say wouldn't be possible without the involvement of M&J Enterprises.